Friday, October 06, 2006

Opening Range

Over the past few weeks I have been slowly mowing the tall grass (and blackberries) down for the end of the season. Each day the boys go out there is a little less tall grass and the landscape is transformed. The boys appear to like the wide open space to run in and also at times seem disoriented. One interesting thing is that they know where the old trails were and run along them even in a wide open field. One thing we noticed last night was that they were orienting on our direction of travel across the open field. We were just walking in a general direction across the wide open space and they were running along in that general direction ahead of us, regularly checking our progress. Pretty observant/intelligent I think.

Tanj watches Uschi
who has found a patch of remaining tall grass.

The boys explore a freshly mowed strip.

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Anonymous said...

love thos pictures of Boyz in the veldt ! savanna for sure.