Sunday, October 08, 2006

Green Grass and Clover

Uschi at home in his patch of green grass

Since our region gets most of its rain during the winter months, the grass turns brown each summer. The boys love to romp in the tall dried withered grasses, but fresh green grass makes for better eating and lounging. Next to our house a bit of green remains, shaded by the roof and watered when we water the plants around the pond and from the pond waterfall spray. The boys found their green patch and visit it every once in a while.

The boys shop around
for the best patch of grass

Uschi flops down in a thick spot.

Can't I stay a little longer?

Uschi also has a favorite...

... green patch of clover,
located in the "bio-swale"
(pond over-flow ditch).

Uschi patrols the border
of "his" patch of clover.

Better look out Uschi,
Tanj is kicking dirt on your clover!

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Anonymous said...

I love checking out your blog every couple of days -- Tanjiro and Uschi-Swirl are beautiful and brilliant. We have 2 Bengal girls. A rescue mom, Cleo, who was pregnant upon rescue (we are in a 4+ million city) and have one of her girls, Marble (OK not real original names but cats named by children :-) It's amazing how in the last 3 years our home has evolved for these wonderful creatures. Wish we had some nice fields to roam but such is life. Bengals just make it better!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

City Woman,

We are so glad you enjoy visiting our blog and have left us a comment. We have a ball putting it together. A "blog-friend" from Hong Kong has three cats, including two Bengal kitten boys and a in her city apartment.

The addition of our boys into our household has totally transformed our lives, we do not know how we lived before them.

Anonymous said...

Lavs........I now have Starbuck and Torrey saved as a favorite to view daily. Something enjoyable in an often overly stressed life in the city. Which is why I just love cats. I am not even sure what blogging is......when I was in college I had a p-t job typing into a mainframe which took up an entire room and I had to wear a coat it was so cold (ok now I sound really old :-)

Keep up the photos - they are wonderful.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...


Mainframes, if that is what they are still called,(servers now?) can still take up an entire room, I guess,... but the current box on your desk is probably more powerful than the huge machine you entered data in way back when. Ahhhh technology,... >;-)

I've got just a few digital/web/html moves and I just keep repeating them.

We're glad you are enjoying our "efforts", we certainly are having fun with this.