Thursday, October 26, 2006

Litter By The Yard

Uschi discovers the big pile of "litter"

After digging out the kennel, I had 3 yards of coarse "concrete" sand delivered. I figured this coarse sand would be good digging media for the boys in their kennel. With the added benefit to me that it should remain relatively uncompacted, i.e. easier digging when it is time for refreshing. I only put three wheel barrow loads into the kennel so there is a good sized tarped pile remaining.

Uschi gives the new pile a quick survey, then

went right up it,

and seemed to really enjoy having
his feet sink deep into the loose dirt.

Tanj gave the pile a sniff,

decided he was a bit scared of it
and ran off into the conifers in search of his snake.

Uschi continued to play in the dirt,

while Tanji was retrieved with a leash.

It's all right T,... that's your dirt,...

Tanj is coaxed onto the pile,

and makes it to the top,

then enjoys sinking into the loose dirt also.

Uschi was pumped up,

running up the pile,

posing, then

jumping/sliding down the pile.

Tanj sees Uschi on top,

and joins the fun.

I guess we now get the boyz outside litter
delivered by the truck load.
While at the same time provides
another fun place to play.

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