Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Real Mouse Boyz

This mouse made it outside alive.

We live is a poorly constructed strawbale house, located in the middle of grass fields, so we have plenty of mice in and around the house. Last year we live trapped them and had days that we caught 12+. We really made a big push to find the points of entry and seal things up before the boys arrived and we did pretty well. No mice seen all spring and summer, though we have seen a few run up the roof,...?! Anyway, the weather is now changing and the little guys are starting to look for shelter. Our boys have been totally trained to catch things with all their play, so the little guys don't stand much of a chance. Over the past few weeks they have caught six mice, 4-2 Mouse Boy Tanj is ahead. Tanj and Uschi sit quietly on the floor in the bathroom and point towards the Washer/Drier, I guess that is where they are getting in. Eventually they will come jogging out together side-by-side one with a mouse in his mouth and the other excited and watching closely. We do our best to get the mice away from them and three have made it outside "alive".

The boys wait for live toys to come out and play.

Shhhhh, you are blowing our cover.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh I know all about this game! Dax caught one for us and pointed out where they were coming from... He caught it over night... how did we know? Because he left it in his food dish for us. Nice, thanks Dax... I think :p

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

I think that is pretty good. He caught it and left it in a nice place for you to find and discard of. We've found them just laying in the middle of the floor, where they look very similar to their toy mice. So far the mice have been whole, mostly licked to death,... Uschiiii,... >;-)