Friday, October 20, 2006

Compost Pile

All the brush-hogging has revealed a bunch of new places for the boys to play. The other night they came across and became fasinated with the "compost-pile." So much so that this was their entire time out for the evening. Our "compost-pile" isn't a "real" compost-pile, it is more of a brush pile that we also throw all of our kitchen scraps onto, as well as the boyz old Sweetscoop litter and the live caught mice, so they have a good place to get use to being outside again. Hey, we live in the country, so we have an organic junk pile, that will biodegrade, and is forming a nice place for many organisms to live.

Well the boyz caught wind of their Sweetscoop and just climbed all over the pile, moving very slowly sniffing and looking around. We know there is a feral cat that hangs out on our property also and is around the pile a lot so I'm sure she has left some scent also.

Uschi explores the pile.

Tanj leads the way deep into the pile,

before Uschi gets on top.

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