Thursday, October 19, 2006

Random IV

Mr. Blurrr in the orchard.

Today's blog will be collection of random pictures that have been building up. The pictures are ones that we liked and complement some of the "story line" blogs already posted, but didn't seem to build a story in themselves.

Uschi watches Lavs mowing outside,...


Tanj watches Lavs weed-whacking,...

by their window cat tree.

The Boyz are ready to see
what has been happening.

Once outside,...

they explore some tractor toys,

the still unearthed septic tank lid,

the well-house,

and the pond.

Back inside,

the boyz help Lesley "Firm"


Uschi checks out the tub

as it fills.

Then the team,

waits for mice.

Uschi shows much patience
waiting for mice,

but not the DaBird.

After a bit,

of wrestling,

and lounging,

Tanj and Lavs relax on the sectional.

Random Pictures III

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Anonymous said...

Okay, Lavs

HOW did you get that tremendous whirl in the cat blur picture -- swing the camera around on one of the boyz leashes? it's fantastic!

max cat

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Max Cat,

Thanks for the comment. Well I wish I could say it all comes down to extensive photographic skills and planning,... >;-)

But, actually, we get lots of blurred pictures because our little automatic digital camera has a big shutter-lag and also is not real sensitive in low light. The long shutter-lag makes it difficult to shoot action shots due to the delay from when you push the button to when the picture is taken. The low light sensitivity keeps the shutter open longer and thus if/when we move the camera the shot is blurred.

In this case the light was a bit low and Tanj was moving fast, as always.

The effect can be nice some times, the other 999 blurred shots disappear into the digital ether. >;-)