Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wrestle Mania II

What a match-up this rematch guarantees to be,...
I mean look at the contenders.

You're right Lavs.
In the Spotted corner is
T "Mr. Blurrrrr" Tanjiro.
You can see it in his eyes,
he is full of energy and spirit.
His trainers tell me that his focus
is totally on for this rematch.
He has been training his cardio
and leaping abilities extensively
with regular extended sessions of
glitterball, Da Bird, and mouse chasing.

So right you are Lesley.
He looks very fit for today’s match-up,
even a bit wiry.

What do you think about the contender,...?

Well, in the Striped corner is
Uschi "the Moouschi - Glamour Boy"-Swirl.
He comes into today with a
completely different philosophy.
It is amazing how these two athletes
seem to be polar opposites
when their pedigrees are so similar.
His preparation style is that of
the thinking athlete.
His trainers tell me that
he regularly sits back
and contemplates his strategy,
before exploding into action.
He seems much less manic
about the training, but, obviously
he has done his homework
and is ready for today.

Again, excellent observations,... this should be a great match,..

Here is the call,...

Are you ready for today's main event?

Leettssss Gett Reeaadyyyyy Toooo Ruuuuummblllllee,...


Tanj launches for Uschi's mid-section,

while Uschi lets out a loud growl and hisses
all the while kicking with his back feet.

Tanj focuses on those kicking feet
and tries to wrap them up,


Uschi escapes and counter attacks.

Tanj soon gets Usch on his back again,

and goes for the pin.

The match continues all over the ring,...

with a strong battle under the ottoman.


both warriors are fatigued and slowly box,...

Ding,... Ding,...

Thats the end of round two (thousand).

Wrestle Mania I

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