Thursday, October 12, 2006

Playing In The Oak Grove

I've been diligently brush-hogging the tall grass field, little-bit by little-bit, and am just about finished for the year. The other day I attacked the edge of the Oak Grove, which has become infested with Himalayan Blackberries and even some English Ivy is starting to take hold. So I knocked it all down and then with the help of the boys, I attempted to remove some of the larger debris so the next knock down should be smoother.

The boys tag along,

and "help" with a stick.

Daaad,... this stuff is sharp,...

Ooooo, what is that,...?
(a real snake)

Before the woods exploration,

Tanji had a run in with a snake of his own.

Uschi finds a downed moss covered tree,

and the boys play on it.

Then, Uschi tries to dry Tanji's wet fur.

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