Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Kennel Perches

The other day I set out to do some work on the boyz kennel. First off, some smell remediation. They have taken to using areas of their kennel as a giant litter box, instead of their inside litter boxes. It had gotten to the point that as you approached the house there was a nice aroma of cat, mmmmm. I went in and raked and dug out about 6 wheelbarrow loads of dirt and goodies. I used this to fill some holes out in the field, the boys love coming across these areas on their outside walks. I then replaced the dirt with new coarse dirt.

Since the boys were locked inside the house, I figured I should work on building them some new perches. So I set at building and installing a new corner perch and then some ramps for the boys to use to get to the high perches.

Something is going on in our kennel,...

Uschi sees me in the kennel.

The boys are focused as I work.

Uschi watches,

and notes that the perch is almost complete.

When I'm finally finished,

Uschi immediately tries the ramp,

and tests the new perch.

Lavs and Uschi enjoy the perch.

Tanji wants to come up too,

Uschi guards the new perch,

but lets him up,

only to leave Tanji alone.

Because he has spotted

another ramp to test.

Tanji soon wants to try this one too.

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