Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kennel Perch

When I built the kennel for the boys I envisioned many shelves/perches for them to get up on and watch the world go by below them. To this point I have only installed two of these perches. The other day we were out on a walk and Uschi climbed up the shelves of a little portable greenhouse we had stowed away. We thought,... hmmm this might be a fun toy for inside the kennel. As soon as we put it in the kennel the boys climbed it then jumped onto this corner perch.

Uschi wants to play, so

Tanj "hugs" Uschi,

Uschi scratches the wood.


the mushy boys rub against each other.


Tanj gets a bath, then

pats Uschi's butt to move him along, so

he can enjoy the higher vantage point himself.

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