Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Art Critic

Uschi the art critic

When we got the boyz, Lesley was pretty sure that painting little masterpieces in our one-room home was going to be a challenge. Cat hair aside, we had visions of paws dangling in wet paint and scampering across the carpet. Actually the boys have been little angels when Les is painting! Well, occasionally a paintbrush is mistaken for a straw, and a paw hovers too close to the water glass, but otherwise, they are not baaaaddd. Tanj spent over an hour one night just watching the brush move around, not grabbing, just watching. Uschi, however, is the real art critic in the family. He sits or lays at attention watching the painting process intently. His expressions seem to indicate genuine emotion towards some of the pieces...

Uschi has arrived to
help with the painting.

Interesting, very interesting...

He moves in for a closer look and

assists with paint selection.

Oh my,

Is it supposed to look like that?

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