Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Field Trip

The boys do seem to enjoy heading out into the field to chase each other, climb trees, sniff all kinds of stuff, hunt holes, etc. Today, will be some of the last remaining 2006 photos of the dry-brown fields, as our winter rains have returned. Currently there is a standing layer of water, soaking the dry earth, coaxing the vegetation to rapidly green up again. Soon the fields will be bursting with green sprouts, shifting the color palette of the blog back to the greens seen when the boys were just little kittens first exploring their new home.

The boys explore the edge of the open field,...

Tanji returns
after his conifer forest explorations,

and sits for awhile,

before spotting Uschi,...

stalking the remaining tall grasses.


Uschi spots T,...

and stalks an alert Tanj,

Uschi springs,...

a chase is on,..

back and forth they go,...

U catches T,...

and an outdoor wresting match begins.

Uschi appears satisfied with his efforts,...

but Tanji looks ever eager for more action,

and soon finds

a tree to climb,...

while Uschi finds a nursery of Douglas-firs
hoping to be planted out in the field
to someday become a forest of their own.

Back out in the open grass-lands,

T sits

then lays ready to spring
at a moments notice.

While Uschi,

explores the apple orchard, before

posing at sunset.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You always manage to capture the personalities and spirit of each boy so well. A pleasure to read (and see!) as usual Lavs...