Thursday, November 16, 2006

Foot Prints

The rains and mud have returned and the boys seem intent on "bringing the outdoors in." They run outside into their kennel with a "bang-bang" of their cat door then apparently roll around in mud puddles before banging back inside soaking wet and muddy. They come right over and jump up on the sectional to tell us all about how much fun they just had. We reach over and give them a pet. Our hands are met by a purring wet-gritty cat, we reach for a towel and fluff them up. After some bathing,... "bang-bang" echos across the house.

Uschi leaves some prints outside.

The other day, as usual, there was a stray water glass on the counter. When we arrived home the contents of the glass caught my eye,...

It was all brown and cloudy.

At first this didn't seem that out of the ordinary, I mean we are pretty messy and it is not uncommon for dirty glassware to line the counter. I went to dump the contents of the glass into the sink and

noticed it was dirt,...


So there it was, T had been washing off his feet in a half-full glass of water on the kitchen counter. Right away Lesley asked "how is their water bowl?",... perfectly clean,... little bugger.

The boys were outside in their kennel at this time so what did we do? Of couse we grabbed the camera, and turned on the tub,... Seconds later "Bang-Bang,... Bang-Bang" the boys came running into the bathroom.

and walked around in the tub.

The entrance via their kennel cat door proves that
our "Taz-clean gene" is non-functional,... >;-)

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