Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Giant Green Snake

What is that ?!?!

We have been getting a moldy smell from our kitchen sink drain, and for a couple of days we smelt some septic scent outside near the septic tank, so I thought maybe it needed to be pumped. We had it pumped two years ago but since there had been an electrical fire in the tank burning off the wires to the pump allowing the water to rise to the top of the tank before we realized it and also we are using septic tank friendly flushable Sweetscoop litter, I thought maybe the tank needed to be pumped. It turned out that the tank was in fine order and there was not even a sign of the Sweetscoop litter, the guy was pretty shocked by that. So, we should get our tank pumped every 5-6 years.

Anyway, the septic tank is right next to the boy's kennel. As the guy dragged in the giant green sucker snake the boys were not sure of what to think and Tanji took off inside. Uschi, the fearless little swirl, put his ears back and held his ground. Eventually, he moved to one of his perches, but watched the entire operation. This is one of the many reasons he can't be outside by himself, no fear of loud noises. When I'm mowing right next to his kennel, he comes out to inspect, I've never heard of such a bold cat.

Uschi meows at the snake,

and paces back,

and forth, like a little lion.

Let me out, I want the snake!!!

Come-on Dad,...
I'm not a little swirl any more,...
I can take that snake.

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