Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Our second day of snow, and once again we raced home to be able to take the boyz out for a romp. This time the snow was a bit deeper (about 1.5 inches) so for the first minute or two they took tentative steps and scratched at the snow a bit. Both quickly got really excited and started meowing and running around. When it was time to go back inside, neither wanted to go back in, and Uschi prowled around by the door letting us know he could play a bit more in the snow.

Uschi's paws are sinking in the snow.
He's not sure about this at first...

but he's quickly chasing his leash.

Tanj also contemplates the deeper snow...

and he's quickly off and running.

Here comes Tanj...

to investigate the "cat litter" pile and

stroll around the bioswale.

Uschi walks along the area
where his clover patch is
submerged under water.

Tanj is back sprinting around
and ends up at the pond...

Both boyz notice the ice slick that is forming
on the pond water and they want to jump
on it. We watch them closely since they
could get really cold and wet if they try!

"I'm just looking"

Tanj settles for a drink, but

Uschi gets his paws wet.

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