Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Day Of Rest

After so much fun in the snow, the boyz are taking a day of rest to heal/strengthen their bodies and minds, with some qualty sleep time.

Uschi is out,...

Bob-Tail T,...

has a toy mouse at all times.

Usch enjoys the Catcoon.

Both boyz enjoy the ottoman.

T gets in the strangest positions,...

but always

seems to get comfy

and stretched out.

Uschi likes to sleep on chairs,
(probably because T can't "lay" next to him)

but he won't pass-up on the silk blanket,
if given the oppertunity.

Oooo, thats nice,...

Even when sleeping,
T's paws knead,
no doubt there are toys running
around in his head.

Nice T-tail.

What?,... is it time to play?

I can play,...

Well, okay,...

I'll just be here then,...
getting comfy.

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