Monday, November 20, 2006

My Pom-Pom!

Uschi cuddles his pom-pom

Uschi is still enamored with his Panic Mouse (PM) toy, but it may actually be the pom-pom part that he likes the most (it does have fur and feathers!). The PM stays safely locked up when we are not around (otherwise Uschi flips it, takes it for a walk, and then dismantles it entirely). We have extra pom-poms that came with the PM and hung one on the Kitty Kat Circus, which has been largely unused for the past few months, and now Uschi curls up with his new pom-pom.

Keeping the "enemy" pom-pom
within reach.

an ocassional loving nudge.

Uschi has a big smile,
must be happy dreams of


and dragging,...

the "Kitty Kat Circus."

Likely he is simply dreaming of attacking the

Panic Mouse!

Uschi hugs his favorite toy.

and gives it a little sniff.


Uschi hears Tanj approach

Tanj is still pretty nervous
around the panic mouse...

...but manages to grab
the pom pom.

Uschi decides Tanj is too close...

and drags his toy away.

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