Sunday, November 12, 2006


How does this thing work?

A big box arrived the other day, full of used Firm goodies for Les, including the "TransFIRMer" steps. The boys, always ready for a good workout, helped with the unpacking...

What do we have here?

It's a house rule that
ll new boxes belong to Uschi,

and this one smells particularly good!

Tanj arrives to "help" out...

What'cha got Uschi?

Uschi is in box heaven...

But Tanj looks like
he wants some licking...

So Uschi finds a little box
he can stand in by himself.

Uschi enjoys the packing paper,

Tanj poses with a piece of his own.

Once the steps are out of the box,

Uschi moves in to investigate.

Maybe this is a new place
to hide from Tanj.

Wait a minute...

Tanj is under here too!

As usual, the unwrapping ends...

with a good wrestling match!

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