Sunday, November 19, 2006

Clean Team

The boys have very different personalities from each other. Uschi-Swirl is a "cat," like what we think of as a cat. He sleeps long hours, strolls around leisurely/boldly, and is quiet. Tanjiro, well, he is the Bengal that we read about while researching cat breeds back when we were preparing for the adoption of our new family members. T is Full-On, running, jumping, and talking,.. did we say he is talkative and energetic? Both are amazingly stable and oriented on us.

With these two very different personalities, they seem to complement each others needs and certainly our "expectations" very well. Both are super affectionate and social with us, like they can hide anyway because we all live in one room.

When the boys first arrived home with us, Uschi spent a lot of time cleaning himself and licking Tanji. Tanji on the other hand didn't spend much time cleaning himself or Uschi. Uschi is still the main licker but Tanji has become much more of a clean freak also. The "problem" with Tanji's cleaning is that it typically degenerates into biting,... >;-)

Tanji pulled into the Uschi cleaning station,

settled down,

and positioned for a good ear cleaning,

he appeared stunned,

but had an obvious smile on his face.

Uschi was laying on a piece of cardboard,
and Tanji approached.

Both boys licked,

but soon,

T got "the look" in his eye,...

and started to nibble,...

then chomped down on Uschi's arm,...

U growled and

looked for a T free zone in the kennel.

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