Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Quick, take the picture!

Our boys are not "lap cats" (yet), but they are getting better at being held and even hugged a little... and we have the photos to prove it!

Getting fancy and
cuddling Uschi...

Who looks happier here?

"Daadddd, what are you
thinking? I'm Uschi!"

There's a smile from Uschi!

He's not fat, he's voluptuous!

All that purring is making
Uschi sleepy.

Going, going, gone!

Wait a minute,
is there someone on the counter,...?

Frozen in time,...

Mr. Squirmy looks relaxed,
but really,...

"I'm out of here!"

Tanj is a little better outside.

But the hug and kiss pushes
him over the edge.

Who's happy here?

It's Uschi's turn!

Uschi is a totally huggable cat.

"Moooommm, lighten up
on the hugging!"

I want to go play with Tanj!

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