Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fall Colors

Tanj blends right in.

Even though it is late November, it still looks like fall outside. The rains started really late this year, and the leaves had a chance to change color before being blown off of the trees. The boyz, with their beautiful browns, blend right into the landscape.

Tanj poses on a chair at
the edge of the oak grove.

"Don't leave without me!"

Tanj prances though the oak leaves,

and heads to the willows,

where Uschi is playing.

Uschi is tempted by
the dangling leaves.

Tanj settles down to watch
Uschi, this time under a
yellowing birch tree.


the family heads back into the oak grove.

"Come on mom,..."

Uschi checks out a big tree,...

Then lounges on a downed tree,...

I see you Tanj,...

The draper watches

Tanji's approach.

Tanj enjoys the moss covered log.

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