Friday, November 17, 2006


Tanjiro is one pretty Bengal boy, we feel, with crisp high contrast spots and a muscular, wiry body. He is a great athlete, always on/ready to play, and is super affectionate, but doesn't like to be picked-up (much). He does like to wake-up at about 6am, at which time he walks/runs around the house and jumps on the bed, chirping, chattering, meowing, etc. He wants attention from his family and we have been asleep too long. Recently he has forgotten about his litter box and wants to go outside into his kennel to do all his business. In the middle of the night if he has forgotten to go before getting locked inside, he wakes us by scratching on the cat door and meowing,... we don't want him out in the kennel by himself at night so we head to his litter box and give it a few scratches with the litter scoop,... he jumps right in.

Tanj relaxes in the shade.

relaxes indoors,

and is attentive, as always.

"Play-Cat" pose

For some reason he spotted this little conifer
the other day and went after it from about 100ft away.
His tail was fluffed and seemed very agitated by it.

He loves to show off his cute
white "flaw."

Irresistable on his towel bed.

Tanj at home on the range.

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Anonymous said...

That's NO FLAW !! it's a beauty spot. i always look for his upside downers to see that particular aspect of Tanj! I love it!! Give him a scratch for me, right there!
m a