Tuesday, November 14, 2006

King Of The Mountain

The Pacific Northwest has entered into its rainy season (winter) with a roar. We have not been experiencing too much local flooding but the rains have been steady and the ground is certainly saturated with some standing water. The boys have been going on walks in the rain and appear to be enjoying themselves. They have also been joyfully tracking mud into the house from their kennel. We think the muddy ground and wet cut vegetation is easier/softer on their paw pads, because they seem to run at high speed "off trail" with less hesitation. It didn't take long for Uschi to find and investigate his large trapped litter pile. He also found any holes in the tarp,...

took a quick sniff,

then quickly pushed a paw through
to sample the dirt.

Now a little muddier
Uschi looks for more holes,...

but spots an approaching Tanji.

T joins U on the pile,...

but soon looks for other distractions.

Leaving Uschi-Swirl
to reign as,

king of the mountain.

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